Two New Books: One “Old” and One Brand New

I’m excited to announce that I have two new books coming out this year. One is actually a new edition of my 2001 mystery novel, Murder at Plimoth Plantation, which released for the first time in trade paperback on February 28, 2020 in time for the Plymouth 400 Celebration. I enjoyed revisiting my very first mystery, and becoming reacquainted with my heroine, Miranda Lewis, whom I found to be just as fun and feisty as before.

The other book, which is brand new, is Shuntoll Road, the sequel to Rattlesnake Hill and the second book in my Berkshire Hilltown Mystery Series, which releases on May 1, 2020. I was happy to continue Kathryn Stinson’s story. It includes her efforts to rebuild her romance with Earl Barker, while battling a New York real estate developer who wants to turn the property she’s been renting and that she’s gown to love into an upscale development. At the same time, she also manages to uncover a secret that has haunted new friend and local, Gwen Waite, for twenty years. All this action takes place against the backdrop of June in the Berkshires, which happens to be one of my favorite months in the area, and I like to think this love comes through in the vivid descriptions.

As before, I’ll be doing a lot of blogging, more interviews, and other events related to the two titles, and also attending two important mystery conferences: Malice Domestic and the New England Crime Bake. So, check this site and Facebook for news. It’s especially important to do so, because in this challenging time of the coronavirus, group events may be either postponed or cancelled.

I’m also hoping get some traveling in—perhaps to Nova Scotia. But if that doesn’t occur, I’ll content myself with staying at home and working on the third book in my Berkshire Hilltown series, titled Wolf Swamp, and visiting the Berkshires, which remains a big source of inspiration for me.

Stay well, friends, and don’t forget to wash your hands!

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